Beloved Community

I am a member of Bull Run Unitarian Universalists and attend worship almost every Sunday.  Most UU congregations have a part of worship called “Joys and Concerns” or “Joys and Sorrows,” where anyone attending can share what has had a significant personal milestone since they were last there.  At BRUU, we share our sorrows and concerns first, followed by joys.

When it was time for sorrows, I stood up and shared that I’d been laid off in the past week.  I thought I was all cried out, but it really choked me up to share this with my faith community.

After service, most UU congregations have coffee hour – it’s often referred to as “Unitarian Communion” – and I was overwhelmed then by the hugs and well wishes I received from my fellow BRUUers.

Over the next weeks, emails poured into my inbox with encouragement, leads and suggestions for temporary gigs to tide me over from friends and family – from my Beloved Community!


Author: Patricia M. Malarkey

I am a lifelong coder. I love solving problems with code!

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