Can I Phone a Friend?

When disaster strikes, I phone my family and friends.  They listen sympathetically until I’m all cried out.  Ann Tomalavage, Bill Malarkey, Aunt Alice Boyle, Pat McGlynn, Patty McInnes, Kathy Owen, Joe Woodyard, Steve Hirshoff – you are my port in a storm.  It’s a comfort knowing you all are only a phone call away.

One of the great things about having Catholics in the family is that they light candles for you at their church that Sunday.  My sister, Ann, texted this picture to me and captioned it, “One candle with your name on it!”


One of the reasons I love these folks is that they have such marvelous senses of humor!


Author: Patricia M. Malarkey

I am a lifelong coder. I love solving problems with code!

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