The Ripple Effect

When I was laid off, I was not the only one financially impacted.  I had to stop the following:

  • Figure Skating – $11.00 per session, five times per week = $55.00 – Ripple Effect: SkateQuest Reston
  • Figure Skating Lessons – $45.00 per lesson, twice a week = $90.00 – Ripple Effect:  Barbara Walker and Ross Lansel
  • Weight Training – $45.00 per session, once a week = $45.00 – Ripple Effect:  Nina Lomax
  • Pilates – $30.00 per session, once a week = $30.00 – Ripple Effect: Meredith Smith
  • Cleaning Service – $90.00 every other week = $45.00 – Ripple Effect:  Quiroga Cleaning Services
  • Various purchases of gas, groceries and meals

So, the immediate Ripple Effect of my layoff has removed $265.00 and change per week from the Northern Virginia economy and has directly affected four people and two small companies.

So far, I have been unemployed for seven weeks and have missed contributing $1,885.00 and change to the economy.

If I remain out of work for a whole year, that will amount to $13,780.00 and change.

My cats, Princess Gem and Han Solo, have had their veterinary checkups postponed until I am employed again – at least $64.00 x 2 = $128.00 deferred.  Ripple Effect: Pender Vet.

I have delayed my own doctor visits, as well.

I will add things as I think of them.



Author: Patricia M. Malarkey

I am a lifelong coder. I love solving problems with code!

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