The Interview(s)

Whenever I have a job interview, I think about Gerald in “The Full Monty.”  He’s being interviewed in a basement space with street-level windows behind the interviewing panel.  Gerald’s friends have stolen one of his lawn gnomes and set it dancing behind the interviewers’ heads.  Eventually, they lose their grip on the gnome and it shatters – much to Gerald’s consternation.  Gerald does not get the job offer.

In one week, I was informed that the company I really want to work for – let’s call it Company B (without the bugle boy!) – had two different positions they wanted to interview me for and that the company I applied to for grins – let’s call it Grins Company – also wanted to interview me.


I had a phone interview with Grins Company on Wednesday, an interview with Company B for Position 1 on Friday and another interview with Company B for Position 2 the following Monday.

The image of Gerald’s interview was in my head for all three.  It truly is a very funny scene in the film.  I hold the humor and let go of Gerald’s squeamish discomfort.

Grins’ interviewer is into my humor; I think he appreciates what laughter can mean to a work team.  The Decider is at a work conference this week, though, and he has other candidates to interview so I won’t know for a while.  I thought it went well.

Company B’s interview for Position 1 is in a conference room I’ve probably been in before.  I don’t know anyone on this team, but they do work with the data quality software I worked with when I was there before and we do know a lot of the same people.  We catch up on who is still there, which groups are moving to which location and what has happened with the software since last I used it.  I thought it went well.

I arrive very early for Company B’s interview for Position 2.  Monday is rainy and traffic becomes unpredictable in Northern Virginia when anything but bright sun is in the sky.  I check in with security and sit to wait for the appointed time.  I check my email – a friend has updated me on the difficulties he’s having on his travels and I reply with as much encouragement as I can.  When I look up, the hiring manager is waiting to check me in.  Security has called her and she came down a full half hour early!  We go to the cafeteria and talk for a good two hours.

Then, my potential Senior Analyst co-worker talks with me.  We discover we have some background in common – we both “grew up” as IT professionals and coded in Assembler and COBOL before we learned SAS and transitioned to data analysis and ad-hoc reporting.

“Can you be me?” he asked.

“Aside from gender and hair color, yes I can,” I answered.

I thought it went well.



Author: Patricia M. Malarkey

I am a lifelong coder. I love solving problems with code!

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