The Search

I remember this from past job searches:

I run to the grocery store or I go to the Post Office or I visit a friend.  On the way, I pass office buildings full of people going about their business; doing stuff that may – or may not – matter to them; getting paid.  Why isn’t there a space for me there?  Why am I driving around in work-out clothes during the middle of the day?  What’s wrong with me?

There is one company I worked for in the past and I’m very interested in returning to work there.  I plaster their job site with applications and current employee referrals.  The VEC must not believe what I’m trying to do; they send me a letter about fraudulent unemployment filing.  Another company is within walking distance – well, biking distance – of my house.  I apply there for grins.  A friend who loves contracting puts me in touch with her current account manager.

One thing I discovered is that, when you make your resume “active” on LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, TheLadders, etc., you get totally inundated with calls from contracting companies.  Some of these can be professional, to-the-point and right on target; others can be completely annoying.  One company called me eight times in one day.  They wanted me to sign an exclusivity agreement with them for posting at a company I’d already signed an agreement with another company for.  Totally unprofessional.  I blocked them.

After a while, I began sending all calls that were not from Virginia to voice mail.  I figured that employers from Virginia would have Virginia area codes, but there are contractors in Virginia, as well.

I guess I should have been glad that contractors wanted me – but it felt like I was chum and they were sharks; they all wanted a piece of me!  No matter whether that piece fit or no.

I got several emails about contracts in California, even though I’ve changed my address to Virginia on all job web sites.  I got many emails about contracts in New Jersey, Richmond VA, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin… even though I indicated I was not open to relocation.  I got emails about .Net, Java and SharePoint Administration – none of which are on my resume; none of which I am qualified for.

Soon, I learn who to add to my contacts and which calls to send to voice mail.


Author: Patricia M. Malarkey

I am a lifelong coder. I love solving problems with code!

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